Reclaiming Yourself Now

After Narcissistic Abuse!

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You want to know that you matter,
that you are lovable, 
that it's safe to open your heart, and that it's Ok to TRUST again!

At the moment...

Do you feel as though your life has imploded and that you're still living in the aftermath?

Are you exhausted due to 2:00a.m. brain chatter, 
ruminating on Whys? and What-Ifs? 
Do you mistrust your judgement?
Perhaps, you worry that you will lose your sh*t in public—or even at work.
Does it seem as if you use all your energy just keeping it together?
Do you feel as though someone has robbed you of your happiness,
along with your dreams and peace of mind?
To top it all, have family and friends been telling you to Just Get Over It! –as if it were that simple?



I was once where you are now!

After 30-years my marriage ended. My world imploded. 
In short, the narcissist found that he couldn't resist 
the adrenaline rush of dating other women. 
YES! You read that correctly.
He proposed that he scratch that itch and see where we were in 6-months.
A therapist that he hadn't completely fooled told him that he was simply asking for permission to have an affair...and that I was saying "NO!" to his request. 
From that point forward I experienced a cruelty that I'd never known before.
The accusations! The projections! The threats!
The divorce proceedings were nothing more than gaslighting, revisionist history, and word-salads, while he played the victim. 
I finally walked away with little more than I started with—despite my
having been instrumental in supporting him and his success.
  Before long I came to understand that I'd been married to a Vulnerable "covert" Narcissist
The information I discovered was scary...but, accurate. 
 I also discovered that I suffered from agoraphobia, PTSD, insomnia, trauma bonding, and a host of other matters.

I discovered that traditional therapy and support groups left me feeling hopeless...Yet,

I knew that I wasn't destined to live this shocked, depressed, frightened and heart-broken!
So I had to figure out how to
I did it and I can't wait to show you how.
So that you can live FREE. Grounded. Life on your terms...
Fearlessly. Passionately. With strong boundaries and 
ZERO worries of being duped by another narcissist! 
I created an online course and coaching program that will get you on your way in a shorter time than you may have thought possible. Don't wait years hoping the pain will pass. 
Don't waste another minute of your precious life trying to get over a narcissist. INSTEAD take action!

It's Your Time!

It's time to get back to you—even Better. Healed and Whole again! YOU, happy in a world that makes sense. YOU, full of confidence and solid plans for the future. YOU, remembering that Living Well Is The Best Revenge!

Just A Reminder...You Were Not To Blame!

There are partners out there who have empathy, personal integrity, loyalty, compassion, accountability, and the capacity to LOVE—deeply! That kind of love is yours if you want it.

Attract The Partner of Your Dreams!

You were magnetic to the narcissist. He saw you as a someone to have in his life. A feather-in-his-cap so to speak! A reason to be envied. He wanted what you had to offer, knowing that you would enhance his image in some way. 

It's time to use those same qualities and strong magnetism to attract a partner worthy and appreciative of your love! A partner who views your needs to be just as important as his/her own.

It's what we all want. It's human nature.



Yourself Now

Reclaiming Yourself Now is a 12-week coaching intensive centered on active recovery from narcissistic abuse.

It is designed for targets who realize that the adage Time Heals All Wounds does not apply in cases of narcissistic abuse. 

Instead focused action is required!

This course is meant to provide concrete and effective strategies and personal insight for deep healing.

Centered on the pillars of VALIDATE, NOURISH, CLEANSE, and AWAKEN this experience are the key steps I took to reclaiming my peace-of-mind, my dreams and hope for the future.

Along with weekly group coaching calls, here is the course outline: 

WEEKS 1-3 ~ VALIDATE! Honor your experience. Tell you story to people who actually get it...who understand. This act alone is validating, emotionally cleansing, and will bring closure to many of the unresolved events involving the narcissist(s).

WEEKS 4-6 ~ NOURISH! This is the time to nurture yourself. A great deal of your time, focus, and energy (mentally and emotionally) has been spent meeting someone else's needs. So much so that your needs and desires went unmet. Now is the time to pour into yourself the LOVE that you've shown others. 

WEEKS 7-9 ~ CLEANSE! Get to the root of limiting beliefs and replace them with far more empowering beliefs. Heal the wounds of your inner child. Retrain your subconscious mind. 

WEEKS 10-12 ~ AWAKEN! With greater self-awareness comes greater power. Power for you to set and meet ambitious goals. Awaken to your true worth. Thus, never becoming a target of narcissistic abuse again. Become narc-proof!




If you are falling, dIve. ~Joseph Campbell

In surrendering to life's lessons we are made all the wiser, stronger, truer.

What to Expect

The Reclaiming Yourself Now experience is a comprehensive approach to recovery that integrates mind, body, spirit and soul! You will educate yourself on the inner workings of character disordered individuals, learn the role you play and how to protect yourself from future abuse. You will be exposed to energetic healing that will address your inner wounds, and lessen your triggers. Whether you call that God, The Universe, Intuition, or a Higher Power, you will learn to access your inner knowing. In fact, you will have a new appreciation for triggers and see them as opportunities for welcomed growth.

During the experience you will...

  • GAIN INSIGHT to your patterns that make you vulnerable to narcissistic abuse. 
  • VALIDATE your story. Get closure, so that you are able to move on and live fully.
  • Have someone give witness to Your Truth. Thus, grounding you in the CLARITY that you may have at times felt was slipping away.
  • NOURISH yourself. Give yourself the love and attention that you loyally gave someone else. Repair the damage caused by living on high-alert!
  • CLEANSE the mental, emotional and energetic residue resulting from a toxic relationship. Get the narcissist out of your head, and body.
  • AWAKEN to the new possibilities that are open to you, as you design your new life centered on knowing that you are loved, capable, complete, whole...and enough!
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Cultivate a new tribe. Kindred spirits that are supportive and who GET IT!

Fellow thrivers who won't doubt your story, but will shout affirmatively.

"Oh, My Gosh. YES!"

It's time to stop beating yourself up and taking blame that's not yours

and give yourself permission to be free!

What You Will Take Away!

By the end of the 12 weeks, you will have:

  • Validated your experience; allowing closure and a clearing for NO CONTACT~mentally, emotionally, and energetically.
  • Established new habits and needed boundaries that will allow you to step into self-love, guilt-free; to put you and your needs on your To Do List!
  • Created a personal blueprint for your new toxic-free life on your terms.
  • Confirmed a tribe of supportive abuse survivors, with whom you can celebrate your victories, or lean on in times of need.
  • Cleared the brain fog, so that you are in control of your thinking and actions.
  • Learned to identify your body clues and hear the voice of your intuition. Allowing you to respond in ways that support your best interests.
  • Gained momentum in actively pursing your recovery. Thus, freeing you to celebrate your freedom.
  • Reclaimed yourself, your dreams, and your power!
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More About Me...

After over 4 decades of narcissistic abuse, I am thriving and growing.

It took years to understand what was happening to me. Having been raised by a narcissist, in many ways the emotional and psychological abuse were my normal.

No matter how much I twisted myself to feed the narcissistic egos, it was never enough. I accepted the misplaced blame. I began to doubt myself living in the fear, confusion, and guilt that from the lies, projections, gaslighting, and other abuse.

But, now I know better!

It wasn't me.

It is not you!

I am enough! You are enough!

I’ve been able to reclaim my life and start living on my terms. More than that, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help other women to reclaim themselves!

I'd be honored to walk alongside you, as I have others. 

Let’s do this.

Life is so beautiful on this side of recovery. 

"Monica has been instrumental in helping me to gain so much clarity around narcissism and how to navigate around it. She has truly put me in a position to move beyond my circumstances into a life of positive fulfillment. I highly recommend her."

Theresa Goins

"Monica is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the dynamics and experience of dealing with a narcissist. She has been trained in emotional intelligence and is gifted with a highly developed intuitive, healing strength set. She is gifted as a facilitator and trainer, and excellent as a one on one coach. She understands the patterns, behaviors, mindsets, and challenges that come with dealing with a narcissist. She is an excellent listener and will help validate reality, articulate the experience of what is going on, give a framework for the patterns and process, and support you in finding strength and courage in the midst of a confusing situation. I have known Monica for years and seen her in a variety of contexts, and she has an incredible heart and a desire to see you living in freedom and alignment with what you’re made for."

Talie Weir