End Toxic Relationships

If you want to meet the love of your life, then look in the mirror. ~Bryon Katie

You Deserve Happy, Healthy Relationships!

This course shows you how to take concrete action steps toward defining, establishing, and enforcing healthy boundaries.

What's A Toxic Relationship?

In short, a toxic relationship is a relationship in which you—your thoughts, your feelings, your wishes, and your well being—don't seem to matter!

It's a relationship where you find yourself bending over backwards trying to make someone else happy, doing all you can—including sacrificing things you enjoy—to avoid upsetting them.


What Are You Tolerating?

Are you putting up with poor behavior because you are afraid of being alone—believing that a bad relationship is better than no relationship at all? If so, let me remind you that you deserve so much more than that.

Everyone Wants To Feel Like She Belongs!

Belonging is a human need. We are social beings. A sense of belonging allows us to feel safe and supported in life. We feel elated, motivated, grateful, courageous! 

The list goes on!

Belonging makes us feel of value.
But, only if the relationships are healthy!

How do YOU define healthy relationships?

That is exactly what you get to determine in this course. Once you define the parameters, those relationships not meeting the standard get to change—or perhaps come to an end!

You get to choose!

Hello! I am Monica Linson

I'm here to support you in creating healthy relationships! Relationships that leave you feeling supported, respected, ~LOVED.

End Toxic Relationships!

Change...or end...the relationships that leave you feeling drained, used, or taken for granted. You certainly deserve better! You get to have healthy HAPPY relationships.

10-Steps to Ending Toxic Relationships

Here's what you will learn in the course:

Define Toxic vs Healthy Relationships!

Just because it's common doesn't mean that it's healthy...or in your best interest.

Learn the indicators of toxic relationships. Some are subtle that will have you ensnared before you realize. 

Know the signs!

Healthy Boundaries

= Self-Respect

Your best relationship is with YOU!

How are YOU allowing others to treat YOU?  How do you treat you?

Learn to set healthy boundaries.

Love Yourself Better!

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What Do You Want?

What do you actually want from your respective relationships? Colleagues...Friends...Family...    Intimate Partner.

Confidently, say NO to anyone or anything that doesn't feel like LOVE and RESPECT.

Get clear about what you want!

Create the Relationships You Want!

You really can have the healthy, supportive, and loving relationships that your want.

Get started today!

It all begins with you!

Allow yourself to have the relationships that you deserve!

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