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Any truth to that?  Did he morph into a cold-hearted, bitter liar, leaving you questioning your own sanity? And to top it off, is he trying to convince you that it's all your fault?


Honey, I'm Monica Linson. Pleased to meet you. 

Welcome to the WTF kingdom, where staying for three seasons is like being stuck in purgatory.

But here's the good part: you've found someone who knows what it's like to have escaped a toxic situation and risen to reclaim their throne after being crushed by narcissistic abuse. I am a survivor and a Queen re-crowned, and I've got your back.


I'm here to help you decode the mind-bending nonsense that's been happening and to put a stop to being continually undermined and erased.

Let's dish the dirt in a Recovery Jump Start Call. During this 30-minute convo, we'll lay it all out on the table, including the covert manipulation and "crazy-making" behavior of your ex-Prince. And trust me, by the end of it, you'll know your next best move.


I'm ready, you're ready, let's do this!

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Unf*@ck Your Mind

  So, I heard Prince Charming turned into the villain in a fairytale gone wrong?  

Since we're here, sharing...

After 30-years my marriage ended. My world imploded. 

In short, the narcissist found that he couldn't resist 

the adrenaline rush of dating other women. 

YES! You read that correctly.


He proposed that he scratch that itch and see where we were in 6-months.

A therapist that he hadn't completely fooled told him that he was simply asking for permission to have an affair...and that I was saying "NO!" to his request. 

From that point forward I experienced a cruelty that I'd never known before.

The accusations! The projections! The threats!


The divorce proceedings were nothing more than gaslighting, revisionist history, and word-salads, while he played the victim. 


I finally walked away with little more than I started with—despite my

having been instrumental in supporting him and his success.


  Before long I came to understand that I'd been married to a Vulnerable "covert" Narcissist. 

The information I discovered was scary...but, accurate. 


 I also discovered that I suffered from agoraphobia, PTSD, insomnia, trauma bonding, and a host of other matters.

I was beaten and broken.
But, I turned my life around. You can do it, too.

I discovered that traditional therapy and support groups left me feeling hopeless...Yet,

I knew that I wasn't destined to live this shocked, depressed, frightened and heart-broken!


So I had to figure out how to



I did it and so can you.

So that you can live FREE. Grounded. Life on your terms.

Fearlessly. Passionately. With strong boundaries and 

ZERO worries of being duped by another narcissist! 


Don't wait years hoping the pain will pass. 

Don't waste another minute of your precious life trying to get over a narcissist on your own.


INSTEAD, take action!

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