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Narc-Busting Shop

Shake Off the Chains:
Find Your Fabulous Power and Break Free from Patterns Engrained from Covert Narcissistic Abuse

Embrace Your Unique Journey of Realignment, Relaxation, and Rediscovery with Powerful Tools for Liberation

After the Narcissist: Essential Questions Recovery Journal

After the Narcissist: Essential Questions Recovery Journal


  • Healing Insights: Gain profound clarity and reclaim your self-worth.

  • Empowering Reflections: Transform pain into strength and unlock your true potential.

  • Guided Recovery: Navigate the path to liberation with expert guidance and support.

A powerful companion designed to guide you through the transformative journey of healing and reclaiming your authentic self.

Buy Both & Save!


  • Path to Clarity: Delve deep into essential questions, unlock healing insights, & rediscover your inherent self-worth.

  • Buy Both and Save: Like tea and biscuits or chocolate and coffee, these two marry perfectly together, a perfect combination.

Discover a transformative post-narcissistic abuse recovery tool: a captivating coloring book infused with an empowering affirmation workbook.

Finding Your Voice: Affirmation Work After Narcissistic Abuse


  • Radiate Inner Brilliance: Explore the fusion of coloring & affirmations.

  • Empowerment Within: A symbiotic blend of creative expression & powerful affirmations.

  • Soulful Transformation: A unique expedition of self-discovery.

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