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Boss up and Break Free:
Reclaim Your Life in 12 Weeks from Narcissistic Abuse

Presented by Monica Linson

Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

One bada$$ woman

Up & Coming Author

Reclaim Your Life, Unf@*ck Your Mind & Live Again with Reclaiming Yourself Now.

Discover the key steps towards active recovery from narcissistic abuse with this comprehensive 12-week coaching intensive. Through a focus on VALIDATE, NOURISH, CLEANSE and AWAKEN, take control of your life and rediscover hope for the future.

Magnetize the partner of your dreams.

Reclaiming Yourself Now is the game-changer you need! Get ready to revamp your magnetism and create a whole new energy that will draw in the partnership you truly deserve. This is your chance to unlock the key steps to reclaiming your peace of mind and renewing your hope for the future. Don't wait, take control and let's make it happen!

Closure through Community.

This is not just another coaching intensive, it's a bada$$ supportive community of warriors who have been through the same struggles as you. Together, we'll share stories, find closure and get our groove back. This 12-week program is your chance to discover effective strategies for recovery and finally put an end to that unresolved mess. Join us now and let's rock this journey to healing!

Reclaim your peace-of-mind, dreams, and hope.

Narcissistic abuse can leave you feeling helpless and hopeless. But with Reclaiming Yourself Now, you can start your journey of healing with concrete and effective strategies to heal your inner child and retrain your subconscious. Get back the peace-of-mind, dreams, and hope that narcissistic abuse took away from you.

Take back your power and
reclaim your life.

“Monica has been instrumental in helping me to gain so much clarity around narcissism and how to navigate around it.   She has truly put me in a position to move beyond my circumstances into a life of positive fulfillment.  I highly recommend her."

Theresa Goins

Theresa Goins


Weeks 1-3

Honor your experience. Tell you story to people who actually get it...who understand. This act alone is validating, emotionally cleansing, and will bring closure to many of the unresolved events involving the narcissist(s).


Weeks 4-6

This is the time to nurture yourself. A great deal of your time, focus, and energy (mentally and emotionally) has been spent meeting someone else's needs. So much so that your needs and desires went unmet. Now is the time to pour into yourself the LOVE that you've shown others. 


Weeks 7-9

Get to the root of limiting beliefs and replace them with far more empowering beliefs. Heal the wounds of your inner child. Retrain your subconscious mind. 


Weeks 10-12

With greater self-awareness comes greater power. Power for you to set and meet ambitious goals. Awaken to your true worth. Thus, never becoming a target of narcissistic abuse again. Become narc-proof!

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